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The Twelve Steps, Explained

Alcoholics Anonymous has been helping people stay sober for more than 80 years! The foundation of AA focuses on community, service, and the 12-Steps of recovery. You may be thinking to yourself: what are these 12 steps? Great question! The 12-Steps of AA is the spiritual foundation for recovery from addiction. While the steps are a vital part of your program, being connected to your community, and being of service to others are just as important. Here are the steps—amended (you may also read more about the 12-Steps in the Big Book of AA):

Step 1: Honesty

This is the stage where we admit we are powerless over our addiction. We get over our denial and get honest with ourselves.

Step 2: Faith

This is when we start to believe that a higher power can help us get over our addiction.

Step 3: Surrender

We make a decision to turn everything over, every day. It’s hard, but necessary.

Step 4: Courage

We dig into our past and write it all down. This is a purging step.

Step 5: Integrity

This is when we share our past bad behavior with another person. Of course we don’t want to, but it’s essential to let go of the shame and guilt.

Step 6: Willingness

We now become willing to let go of the past.

Step 7: Humility

As a extension of Step 4, we now ask our higher power to remove all of our character defects, whatever they may be. Asking for help humbles even the best of us.

Step 8: Responsibility

We now make a list of people we have hurt in the past because of our addictions. We need to take responsibility for our part.

Step 9: Self-discipline

Making amends to the people we have hurt is no easy task, but this is our cleansing stage. Once we do this and we stay sober, we don’t need to repeat this step again.

Step 10: Perseverance

It’s not easy to admit when we are wrong. As we continue to take inventory of our actions, we can ask ourselves: would we rather be right or happy?

Step 11: Awareness

The purpose of this step is to find a spiritual practice that works for you.

Step 12: Service

This step is about helping others and paying forward the gift of recovery.

The 12-Steps is not just for recovery but a way of life. It may seem like a lot to take in—that’s why they are broken down into steps! Our team is eager to help you change your life for the better and help you find happiness by incorporating the 12-Steps into your life. Call us today.

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