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The Two Signs Which Tell You Problem Drinking Might Be Evolving Into Alcoholism

Problem drinking, like binge drinking, is not necessarily alcoholism. A problem drinker might not necessarily evolve into an alcoholic. The risk, however, is very real. Problem drinkers can develop a tolerance for alcohol and start consuming more to get an equal or better buzz than they did before. As their chemical dependency on alcohol begins, their ability to control their drinking like before ends. These two signs are key characteristics of alcoholism. If your problem drinking is evolving into alcoholism, it is time to seek professional help and get the recovery you deserve.

…If when you drink, you say you are never going to do it again and then you do

Problem drinkers set limitations for themselves like a certain number or drinks or specific days during the week in which they will allow themselves to consume alcohol. Gradually over time, it becomes impossible to adhere to these limitations. Drinking may not spill over into every day of the week, but it may become common enough that it becomes a point of concern. Even if drinking doesn’t become frequent enough to be concerning, it is of extreme concern when you actually drink. Each time you drink, it seems to be getting a little worse. When your drinking is really bad, you find yourself swearing you aren’t going to drink that way again. You will really stick to your limitations, you will really control your drinking. Yet, you do not. Once again you find yourself unable to control your drinking. Once again, you face the consequences of your alcohol consumption. You start to wonder if maybe you have more of a problem with alcohol than you realized. If you have reached this point understand one simple thing: people who don’t have problems with alcohol, don’t think about whether or not they have problems with alcohol.

…If when you drink, you wish you could stop drinking, but you aren’t sure you can

Drinking isn’t fun anymore. Everytime you start to drink, you wish you hadn’t started. Every time you wake up from a weekend bender, you wish you would have stuck to your guns and limited how much you were going to drink. You didn’t. You wish you did. You didn’t. You find yourself wishing that you could stop drinking altogether, even for those few days a week that you drink. You can’t. At least, you aren’t sure that you can. You can’t remember the last time you went more than a week or a few days without a drink. The thought stirs you uncomfortably. You never fully realized how out of control your drinking has become. Problem drinkers have the ability to put down a drink and walk away for awhile, even limit their consumption. Alcoholics, on the other hand, are not capable of stopping on their own.

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