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There Are Women Narcissists

Narcissism is a diagnosable personality disorder, though many people regard it differently. By calling people “narcissists” we make the mental health issue a personal issue, rather than a medical issue. Throughout 2016 and 2017 the topic of narcissism has been a popular one as men and women nationally have woken up to the existence of someone with narcissistic personality disorder in their life. The cause for popularity in examining this personality disorder is understandable, as people gain more understanding into the personality disorder itself. Common characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder include controlling, manipulating, demeaning, condescending, self-centered, destructive, abusive behavior.

Both men and women can have narcissistic personality disorder and each gender has a different way of embodying the mental health issue. According to Business Insider, the motivations behind narcissistic manipulations differ between men and women, as do the methods of manipulation. For female narcissists, the motivation is usually exterior. Most narcissists have some level of shallow, surface-level concern about how they appear to themselves and to others. They typically act with inflated ego in order to feel superior. Superiority for women is focused on their appearance, beauty, and physical looks. While male narcissists can be hyper-obsessed with their physique and their appearance, it is a more internal motivation which drives their manipulations. Male narcissists are more concerned with the feeling of power, control, and superiority as opposed to the look of it.

Problematically, this tendency of gender disparity in narcissism is partially a result of longheld societal beliefs and standards. Men are largely regarded as superior to women because of their size, their strength, and their ability. Women are not unfamiliar with the priority men are given in the modern world, which could drive women toward more narcissistic behaviors in an effort to maintain some kind of elevated feeling of control. A marriage and family therapist commenting on the subject in the article explains that, “We idealise and make men superior.”

Narcissistic personality disorder is commonly co-occurring with drug and alcohol addiction. Women with narcissism and men with narcissism alike are prone to abusing drugs and alcohol, then developing a chemical dependency.


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