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Tips for a Sober Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving means different things to everyone. Turkey, gravy, gratitude, and loved ones. In some parts of the country, the night before Thanksgiving is one of the most profitable nights of the year for the bar scene. That means that for some people, Thanksgiving means a nasty hangover. For those dealing with addiction, it could also mean bad memories of past Thanksgivings or a multitude of temptations to put sobriety on hold. Remember, though, that Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the many gifts in your life, and one of those gifts is your sobriety. Keep that thought in mind as you watch the relatives indulge in wine and cocktails. You are thankful for the sobriety that you have worked so hard to solidify.

Reduce your stress about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday by taking a look at the following tips for enjoying a sober Thanksgiving. Sometimes just a few proactive suggestions can make all the difference.

Reflection – Take some time to consider the past Thanksgivings. What did you enjoy and what caused negativity? Are there certain family members that create more temptation to drink or use? Consider making a list of potential risks to your sobriety. Preparation is critical.
Action Plans – For each item on your list of reflections, create an action plan. If you are concerned about an interaction with a specific relative, plan to eliminate one on one time with that person. Have a neutral family member nearby that can help orchestrate the event with you. If it’s the family toast that you are worried you will be left out of, consider bringing a bottle of sparkling cider. Don’t feel pressured to drink or be left out of the toast this year. A bottle of sparkling cider may seem like a small suggestion, but the power of being prepared shouldn’t be underestimated. Your confidence will be much higher, and you will feel much more relaxed knowing that you’ve prepared for even the small things.
Realistic Expectations – This may be the most challenging part for someone in recovery. Remember that seeing is believing. For those family members that may have been negatively impacted by your actions prior to your recovery, they may have their doubts that you have changed. They were hurt, and they need to see that you’ve changed. Give them the benefit of the doubt and give them time to see the new you and believe in your sobriety.

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