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Tips For Mindful Clothes Shopping In Early Recovery

Remember that your body is changing

Addiction and alcoholism can change a woman’s body. As a result, once she gets sober and starts living in recovery, her body can also change with many fluctuations. Most treatment programs encourage healthy and nutritious diet in addition to regular exercise. Weight management, especially in women’s recovery, is frowned upon unless it is a specific and necessary goal for an individual client. Women’s bodies change as their body goes through the grueling process of detoxing and recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

What your body looks like, how it feels, and how clothes fit/look now in early recovery will change in a year, two years, three years, four years. Some women find that it takes them years before their body “normalizes” again. Other women discover that their chronic substance abuse and other destructive behaviors never provided them with a physical normalcy. Once they are sober, their bodies find their true normal and do not adjust otherwise.

Your size doesn’t define who you are

Alcoholics Anonymous, more affectionately regarded as “The Big Book” explains multiple times that a person in recovery has decided to go to any length necessary to recover. Women often jest that should include any length as well as any width. Instead of seeing your size- larger or smaller- as a condemnation, see it as a celebration. You’re changing size, shape, and appearance is a testimony of your recovery. You are going to great lengths to recover and stay abstinent, which can include temporary discomfort in your physicality. See this as a challenge to become even more comfortable and accepting of who you are, where you are, at any given time.

Sizes aren’t always well defined, either

Sizes have changed throughout history. Women are often cautioned that every single designer sizes a little bit differently than others. Most designers only cut their clothing for a specific shape and size of women. In the same store, the same pants, in the same size, might not even fit the same. Use this as a metaphor for addiction, recovery, and life. No two women come to recovery the same way and no two women recover in the same exact way. Rather than define yourself by unrealistic terms, focus on continuing to define yourself by your own standards.

Wear what makes you comfortable in your own skin

Women are often told to wear what makes them comfortable. When you are tired and emotional during the early months of recovery, you certainly want to focus on wearing what makes you comfortable. More importantly, you want to focus on wearing what makes you comfortable in your own skin rather than in your clothes. Wear what makes you feel like you and supports you in your journey of recovery where you are becoming the best version of you.

Women can recover. Your journey to recovery does not have to stop after your treatment program. Welcoming women between the ages of 18-65, Villa Tranquil, a women’s transitional living home, offers a unique opportunity for women to continue their treatment and their recovery. Call us today for information:  214-799-3080