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Tips for Ringing in the New Year Sober

New Year’s Eve can be a difficult holiday in that the festivities often involve parties which may include alcohol, drugor other problematic activities for those of us in recovery. Especially if this is your first sober New Year’s, you may find some apprehension about the upcoming New Year. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your sobriety is a priority this year.

Plan Ahead – In the past, you may have started your New Year’s celebration with no idea of what you would do or where you would end up. To minimize temptation and triggers, this year try creating a plan and sticking to it. Know where you are going, what you will be doing, and who you will be with. Create a plan and stick to it.

Stay Accountable – Consider committing to checking in with someone on New Year’s Day. Let them know you will be calling/visiting and that you will provide an update of your activities the night before. This will give you yet another reason to stay away from potentially making poor choices. The power of accountability should never be underestimated!

Safety in Numbers – Have a sober buddy with you for New Year’s Eve this year. It is much easier to stay true to your sobriety and dismiss temptation when you have a partner in the same boat. Make sure it is someone you know and trust. This will be beneficial for you both of you.

Get Creative – There are more ways to ring in the New Year than bar hopping, clubbing, and parties. Consider spending your New Year’s Eve at a movie or attending a concert. There are often fireworks presentations or fairs on New Year’s Eve. You could also go ice skating or roller skating. Think outside the box to create an incredible New Year’s Eve celebration that won’t jeopardize your sobriety.

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