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Tips For Traveling Sober As A Woman Of Recovery Part 2

Travel is a popular New Year’s Resolution for women who have made it through the treacherous trenches of hitting “bottom” in their addiction and come out victorious on the side of recovery. As a woman of sobriety, the world is your oyster. Adventure is yours for the taking. Living life on life’s terms means living life to the fullest. Here are six more helpful tips for staying sober and honoring your recovery while traveling.

Check in with and Manage your HALT: HALT is made of Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, considered to be the four greatest threats to your ability to stay sober. To avoid HALT, make sure to plan your meals and pack plenty of snacks. Check in with your hunger throughout the day and feed your need to eat. Manage your emotions with mindfulness, connect with others wherever possible, and make sure to get enough rest. Taking a self-care day in your temporary residence never hurts.

Bring sober women friends or connect with sober women friends: You will not be the only women in your local recovery community who likes to or wants to travel. You can find women who are willing to take local trips, out of state trips, and eventually, out of country trips. Bring sober women friends with you on your travels. Make sober women friends as you go. You can also as for connections in different areas. Recovery takes women to their wildest dreams and beyond. There might be some connections waiting for you near your destination. Any connection to sobriety is a good connection. Few women, or any other people, can understand your distinct life experience as a sober woman of recovery like another sober woman of recovery.

Don’t fall for believing your sobriety makes you undesirable: Isolating during travel when you are sober in recovery is as problematic as isolating when you are sober in recovery but not isolating. Isolating might be tempting when you have insecurities and feelings of self-consciousness coming up, because you are sober, in recovery. You may find you no longer feel “a part of” and instead are feeling “apart from” because you can’t partake in the consumption of drugs and alcohol. Realize that your ability or inability to drink and do drugs does not define you, or your value. Any people who attempt to weigh your worth according to such an unimportant component are not the people you want to hang out with while traveling. Remember that being sober in recovery has transformed you into a fabulous, confident, compassionate, authentic woman. People are lucky to meet you and vice versa.

Remember you can still make mistakes when you’re sober: You have heard the term “old behaviors” in treatment, therapy, and other areas of your recovery. Not drinking and doing drugs is just one part of your recovery. Thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors are part of your recovery as well. Sometimes called “character defects” your “imperfections” may come out while you are traveling and cause you to make “mistakes” without thinking. Remind yourself to turn toward your higher power for guidance, checking in with yourself to make sure you are acting in your highest possible vibration and intent.

Embrace the moment and the “chaos” of travel: Mistakes do happen when traveling, as well does a good amount of “chaos” or frequent mishaps. When you sign up for adventure, you sign up for every part of the journey. You’ve learned through your work in the 12 steps, treatment, and therapy, that control is an illusion. Travelers make the mistake of thinking their detailed itinerary acts as universal control to every single variable on their trip. Simply put, this is unrealistic thinking. Be present by practicing mindfulness and meditation. In a moment of chaos or mishap, first take a deep breath, then remember, its part of the journey. All problems have a solution, even if the solution isn’t immediately obvious.

Always have enough money to book or change: Unfortunately, travel plans can go horrendously awry. Feeling trapped is a detriment to your sense of serenity and a direct threat to your sobriety. In the rare event that your travel plans have gone so terribly that you desire, or are in critical need to go home, make sure to reserve funds to do so. Spend the extra money to buy a refundable ticket, or have savings aside to rely on in case of emergency. Compromise and chaos are common in travel. The specific needs you have to protect your sobriety come first.


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