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Tips For Traveling Sober As A Woman Of Recovery

You learned from our previous blog that sobriety makes traveling a possibility, not a fantasy. Like all things in recovery, it is better to have a plan in order to have a solid foundation of support in every way possible. Women of recovery are strong, big hearted, compassionate, and authentic. “Everywhere you go, there you are”, it is said. Use these tips to make sure that everywhere you go as a traveling sober woman, you take your recovery with you.


  • Take AA With You: You will be surprised by how many other sober travels you meet during your expeditions. Bring AA, or any other recovery support group, with you by carrying the literature. Don’t feel like lugging “The Big Book” around? Most groups have digital apps which hold their literature, their steps, and even meeting formats. Pick up various pieces of literature and download apps. All it takes to have a meeting is two people a mission for recovery, and some literature. In the event that you don’t find other people, take your home groups with you. Bring a phone list, get contacts, and be in touch with various people before you go. Chances are you’re not the only person from your local recovery to travel. Make friends with the wanderers and ask them to support you as you go.
  • Find AA where you go: Alcoholics Anonymous is a worldwide organization. Meetings can be found in countries all over the world, in english and in local languages. Before you travel, research local meetings. Creating an itinerary around twelve step support spots is a great way to add to your travel plans. Where there isn’t a meeting in person, there is a meeting available anywhere you can connect to the internet. Online chat meetings and call-in phone meetings are available most days of the week.
  • Practice saying “No”: Whether you are staying in hostels or with friends, a house rental or a hotel, somewhere, at some point, someone is going to offer you a drink. Practice your many different ways to politely, and not-so-politely, decline an offer for drugs and alcohol.
  • Learn self defense: A few self-defense moves never did any harm. Many colleges and local community centers offer free classes for basic self-defense maneuvers so you can keep yourself as safe as possible. Many women travel with a small, easy to hide can of mace for extra security. If you are traveling to an area where English is not a predominant language, try to learn a few key phrases including “Help”, “Help me” and “I need help”. Download a few different translation apps on your phone so you can practice. Be mindful about your surroundings, stay alert, and stay aware. your intuition as a sober woman is strong. You will find that it takes you where you want to go and away from where you don’t want to go.


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