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Understanding What Recovery Means

There are many types of recovery but the overarching textbook definition is: restoration to a better, former, or healthier state from sickness. Even though there’s a lot of overlap between different recovery programs, we will focus on what recovery means for someone battling substance addiction here. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 19.7 million Americans (aged 12 and up) had a substance abuse disorder in 2017; there are 23 million Americans living in recovery from addiction today. While not everyone who has a substance abuse problem will develop addiction, it is important to note that all addictions begin as a substance abuse disorder.

The basic principle of defining recovery is abstaining from using drugs or alcohol; however, recovery is much more multi-layered than simply abstinence. Like the definition suggests, recovery means an internal and external restoration of a person. In other words, recovery means healing.

The first step starts with recognizing and admitting we have a problem. Once we seek out support from friends or family, we make the decision on how we will recover (such as checking into a treatment facility). We then start a detox and may go through a period of PAWS (post-acute-withdrawal syndrome) in early recovery. This feels scary but rest assured it will pass. If we stick with these early steps, our recovery transformation starts to happen. During this time, it’s important to have a strong support foundation either through family or treatment counselors. Following this early period, our health is restored and we can focus on our treatment plan. It is important to remember that our substance abuse was but a symptom of underlying issues. As we recognize the why behind our actions, we can start to work through them and heal. From here, we start to rebuild our lives and prepare a solid relapse prevention plan.

Recovery may include a variation of therapy and twelve step programs. Finding a therapist will help us dissect our thoughts and patterns. Finding support and working through the twelve steps of recovery will make this process easier and more structured. Overall, recovery is your own healing process. We are happy you have chosen to live a more fulfilling life. Our counselors and therapists are here to help you reach your best quality of life and get you where you want to go. Give us a call today and take a peek into your own individualized treatment plan.

Villa Tranquil Recovery stands as a new staple in the women’s treatment community, offering gender-specific services for women between the ages of 18-65. Our beautiful home in Jupiter Farms, Florida provides a transitional living opportunity for women to continue their treatment process while regaining the skills they need to thrive in sobriety. Owned and operated by clinicians, we offer exceptional care so women can build exceptional lives of recovery. Call us today for information 214-799-3080.