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Understanding Your Mind

“You spend your life just an inch from madness,” declares Jeffrey Kluger, author for TIME Magazine. You know when you are physically injured, but the line is hazier when it’s a mental illness. It’s difficult to see in the moment, admits Kluger. “At what point does joy become mania, sadness become depression, apprehension become anxiety, fear become phobia? We value imagination but not hallucination. Yet they’re close kin,” he says. So, how can you really understand what goes on in your head? Villa Tranquil Recovery is here for you. Continue reading for more information.

Good Days and Bad Days

“On good days, the mind is calm, temperate, lit by a ray of psychic sunshine. On bad days, things are torn by rain and wind shear. The cycling of bad days and good days, darker seasons, and brighter seasons, is simply part of the natural process. Until it’s not,” admits Kluger. If we’re feeling well, we often go about our day without thinking much about our emotions and how they are impacting us.

We are able to go through the good days easily. However, when things get bad, emotions take over and bring us down like quicksand. “For some unlucky people, weather becomes climate; the dark-light cycle becomes stuck on dark. Every day seems to bring a new emotional cyclone, the only difference being one of severity.”

Struggling to Understand

Many people who haven’t been through it cannot fathom the life that many of us with addictions and mental illness live with. It can be difficult for them to understand what we do and why we do it. Some of us who do suffer also have a hard time understanding ourselves. Why would we continue to participate in acts that directly harm us? Why do we do things that make us feel worse? It can be challenging to understand.

What Is the Key?

The key to understanding is kindness. Putting effort into understanding where people are coming from is necessary to understand. We have done a good job of that lately, as research has increased and stigma has decreased. Still, there’s a long way to go. However, as Kluger puts it, “Madness still stalks our species, but increasingly, we are stalking it right back—and slowly driving it into retreat.”

Villa Tranquil Recovery is here to help you understand your mind and what goes on within it. Call us today at 214-799-3080. We can’t wait to speak with you and help get you started with us today.