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Vacation Time Doesn’t Mean A Break From Self-Care

Staying sober while on vacation can be difficult. Recovery is challenging, too. With these two things combined, you might be feeling the heavy weight of recovery on your shoulders. If you’re on vacation, you probably have a less-structured schedule than when you are at work or school during your “normal” life. Vacationing can also bring extra moments of difficulty because you may have other urges to use. Learning to navigate recovery and vacation and the gray area in between is challenging, but it’s worth it to stay on the road to recovery. Here are some tips for when you are vacationing to help you stay sober. 

Keep a schedule

Taking a break from your normal schedule is a good thing. Everyone needs a break every once in a while. What you can’t take a break from is self-care, though. Try to keep yourself on track, even loosely, so that you do not veer off the path too much. Try to eat semi-healthy — we all know diet changes drastically on vacation, so we aren’t going to pretend you’ll be perfect — and exercise adequately. This can mean eating at normal times and not overdoing desserts. You can also make sure to climb stairs or swim in the hotel pool to get exercise. Sleep is also extra important, especially on vacation. You cannot slack off on sleep. Keep up your basic self-care while on vacation. Your recovery habits will thank you. 


Communication is a must, even on vacation. Whoever you are traveling with, make sure to talk to them about your needs and expectations for the trip. Explain to them that your sobriety doesn’t take a vacation. Make sure you’re setting boundaries, too. These things will all help to avoid future triggers. 

Set a schedule

You must have some sort of schedule on vacation. Don’t allow yourself to sit around the whole time and be bored. This will invite urges you don’t want, which could lead to bad decisions. Don’t sit around and make yourself miserable because you have to be sober, either. Get out of your room and do something fun! After all, that’s what vacation is for. 

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