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Volunteering Doesn’t Just Do Good, It Is Good For You

When women join a twelve-step recovery community like Alcoholics Anonymous, they are told that acquiring a “service position” or a “commitment” should be considered mandatory for their recovery. Serving the greater good of Alcoholics Anonymous, other 12-step groups, or other organizations is a way to give back “what is freely given” in recovery. Volunteering in AA or other twelve step groups can range from something simple to a greater commitment. Common volunteer positions include, but are not limited to:

        • Greeter position: Standing by the door and welcoming people to a meeting or event
        • Coffee commitment: Arriving to a meeting early and making the coffee
        • Coffee Cup commitment: Cleaning up the coffee cups after a meeting
        • Cake commitment: Bringing a cake for birthdays or treats, like cookies or doughnuts, to a meeting
        • Token commitment: Bringing the chips, tokens, and medallions to the meeting for various celebrations of sobriety time
        • Phone list commitment: Curating, maintaining, and making available a running phone list of meeting attendees
        • Literature commitment: Keeping inventory of, making sales for, and ordering various literature like “The Big Book”, pamphlets, meeting schedules, and more
        • Secretary position: Organizing the meeting, finding a leader, taking attendance, and handling donations during the meeting
        • Treasurer position: Keeping track of the money a meeting brings in, paying the rent, paying the central office of the organization, and making budget reports
        • General Service Representative: attends General Service meetings to get county-wide and regional updates, then reports back to local meeting

Finding a cause to devote time to outside of recovery is a part of recovery as well. Working in a local thrift shop, volunteering at an animal shelter, or donating time and energy in any way is beneficial to giving back. Addiction takes away from women’s lives and the lives of everyone around them. Volunteering is a way to give back that time and energy. In the process, the self benefits. Motherboard, a blog of Vice, reports that “…helping others has tangible benefits, both mental and physical, from lowering your blood pressure to reducing feelings of depression.” The article adds that “…research hasn’t found any significant difference in the types of volunteering- any kind of helpful act can create benefits.”

The most helpful act a woman in recovery takes on a daily basis is making the decision to stay sober by not picking up a drink or a drug, no matter what happens in her life.


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