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Warning Signs Your Daughter May Have an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders affect people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. In fact, 30 Million people suffer from eating disorders in the United States alone. At least one person dies from a condition related to an eating disordered every 62 minutes. In women over 50, over 13 percent suffer from eating disorders. Eating disorders are not uncommon, and increasing education and awareness is the best weapon in battling eating disorders as a nation.

How do you know if your own daughter may be struggling with an eating disorder?  Here are some common warning signs that may mean your daughter is at risk.

  1. Compulsive exercising – If you notice your daughter is exercising more often and has developed an obsession with her new exercise regimen, you may want to watch her carefully.
  2. Unusual relationship with food – Many people with eating disorders develop an abnormal relationship with food. They may cut their food into tiny pieces or push the food around their plates in rhythms or patterns.
  3. New Interest in cooking, but not eating – Another sign of potential problems occurs when the individual becomes highly interested in cooking but will not eat the food she prepares. This happens as the individual begins to look at food as something they can’t have, and they overcompensate from that loss by cooking and preparing large volumes of food but refusing to eat.
  4. Weight loss or stagnation – Young girls experiencing standard growth rates should continue to gain weight to their early twenties, on average. If your daughter begins losing weight or stops gaining weight in her teens, you may want to see a doctor to ensure everything is well with your daughter’s health and maturation.

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