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Ways You Can Be Grateful for Your Recovery…Right Now

Gratitude is the attitude of recovery, it is often said. When a woman loses her sense of gratitude in her recovery, she is often heading down a spiritually dark trail. Gratitude is what keeps us away from resentments which are considered to be fatal. Few can hold a grudge like a woman, though new scientific research suggests that a woman’s brain gets more blood flow, creating more activity in areas of the brain associated with memory. Women don’t forget, which is why it is critical to retrain the brain not to forget all of the good while learning to let go of some of the “bad”. The great trick about gratitude is that it is not just a practice. Gratitude is a practice in changing your perspective. What could be seen as something “bad” that happened to you suddenly has meaning and purpose, turning it into something “good”. By creating a perspective shift toward gratitude, you can see the larger picture of life as a series of influencing learning lessons rather than a jumble of “bad moments”.

Be grateful for the fact that you’re sober

On a particularly difficult day, it can feel challenging to even find gratitude for the fact that you are sober. As you start to navigate the various challenges of living “life on life’s terms” you start to realize the difference between dealing with life under the influence of substances and dealing with life clean and sober. Getting used to feeling your feelings, managing stress, and handling responsibility, it is part of your accountability in recovery to show up to these events with a spirit of willingness. Gratitude can help you see things with a more willing eye and realize it is all part of the process.

Be grateful for your health

Addiction and alcoholism can significantly take away from your health. In early recovery, you might find yourself fighting against physical health problems, in addition to co-occurring mental health problems. Certainly, these problems would be made worse with chemical dependency in the mix. Being sick with addiction exacerbates any kind of condition. Though you may not be feeling 100% yet, you are better than you were yesterday and you are one more day sober.

Be grateful for what you see around you

Many people report feeling like they can stop and smell the roses for the first time when they are in recovery. Colors seem more vivid. The sun shines more brightly. Somehow the sky seems bigger than before. For every little nuance of life you feel like you’re rediscovering, find some gratitude. Have gratitude for the food you eat, the activities that fill your day, the weather, the sunshine, and anything else you can find.

Be grateful for gratitude

Gratitude is contagious. As you start a gratitude practice, you might find that you struggle to come up with things to be grateful for. Each day gets a little bit easier- a perfect metaphor for your recovery. Within just a few days of practicing gratitude, you find you’re grateful for an increasing amount of things in your life, including gratitude itself. Gratitude feels good, gives you a happier outlook on life, and encourages you to become more aware of the world around you. That’s something you can be grateful for.