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What Are The 7 C’s Of Addiction?

Addiction impacts everyone and no one is immune. The National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACoA) has many resources for the children that are impacted by their parents’ drinking. The NACoA wants children to know that their parents’ drinking is not their fault. They want children to feel safe and be hopeful, regardless of their parents’ actions. The NACoA has put together The 7 C’s of Addiction for children to use as a guide when they have a parent that drinks more than they should. 

  1. I didn’t cause it.
  2. I can’t control it.
  3. I can’t cure it,
  4. But I can help take care of myself
  5. By communicating my feelings,
  6. Making healthy choices,
  7. And celebrating me. 

Everyone is impacted by a loved one’s addiction, but children are especially impacted because they are thrown into the world of addiction at such a young age. Children aren’t able to fully comprehend addiction. They will probably have a hard time understanding why their parent drinks to excess. They may not know how to cope with their parents’ addiction to alcohol. This is why the NACoA put together this list. This list can be used for adults, too. Many adults have problems navigating the world of their loved one’s addiction. This list can be helpful for anyone. There are also a few facts that the NACoA wants children to know:

  1. Alcoholism is a disease. You can’t cure it.
  2. You cannot control your parents’ drinking.
  3. You are not alone.
  4. You can talk about the problem. 

These facts, also simple, are important to teach children from a young age. Children should not be thrown into their parents’ addictions alone. They need help. They must learn about addictions from a young age. This is why we need mental health and addiction education in schools. Of course, the material we teach must be age-appropriate. Talking about mental health and addictions takes some of the fear away. It removes some of that stigma that’s attached to mental health and addictions. It starts the conversation. 

Villa Tranquil Recovery wants to be here for families who are struggling with addictions. Although addiction impacts everyone, so does recovery. No one fights alone. If you think your family would benefit from mental health or addiction help, please reach out to our trained staff today at 214-799-3080. We’d love to hear from you and give you more information about what we do here at Villa Tranquil Recovery.