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What Does Proper Treatment Look Like?

Treatment and recovery are different for everybody. There is no one cure-all when it comes to addiction recovery. Treatment should be individualized for each and every patient in recovery. Effective treatment must also be tailored to not only the addiction, but to other needs the patient has, such as depression or anxiety. Even for one patient, treatment may not look the same as it did in their first month in recovery as it does in their fifth. Treatment is ever-changing — it must adapt to the needs of the patient. 

At Villa Tranquil Recovery, proper treatment is individualized for all of our patients. Because we have 24/7 monitoring, we are able to see and understand the needs of our patients. Thus, we are able to tailor our services to what our patients need. Some patients enjoy morning meditation. Others benefit more from goal setting and life skills/time management lessons. The more we know about our patients, the better we are able to adapt our services to you. 

Many patients at Villa Tranquil Recovery show up to our doorstep with co-occurring disorders. Depression and anxiety are very common to have when someone has a substance-use disorder. Because of this, we have transportation to therapy appointments or 12 step meetings. In addition, we also have many different workshops for our patients, including setting boundaries, co-dependency, stress management, and some others. “Our goal is to help you not only understand what caused your addiction, but to learn how to navigate those triggers in a way that makes you stronger and continues to heal your mind, body, and spirit.” 

Our sober living community at Villa Tranquil Recovery is tailored to you and your recovery journey. We want to help you heal from your addiction and give you the skills to work through your issues. We want to be your home away from home while you are starting your recovery journey. We believe in treating you and your addiction with “care and specificity.” Our safe environment is here for you. Reach out to us today. We want to help you begin your recovery journey with proper treatment and care.