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What Is Morning Meditation?

Morning meditation is the time guests at Villa Tranquil come together to start their day on the right recovery-focused food. Many women find that starting their day with a routine of recovery sets the tone for the day and helps them find a center of recovery from which they can navigate throughout the day. Morning meditation is advocated for everyone living in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Each day is seen as an opportunity for a reprieve from the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Starting off the day with recovery is like a warm up exercise for spending a day facing challenges, navigating roadblocks, and maintaining serenity.

At Villa Tranquil, morning meditation is a time to share and reflect on the accomplishments of the day before as well as voice concern for challenges to come. Women might discuss their current work in their 12 step program with a sponsor, for example. In their individual as well as their group therapy sessions, women will continue to receive assignments for growth. During morning meditation, they have an opportunity to talk about the experience of completing those assignments with their peers. If something has come up in their life they are struggling with, there is an open platform for processing and receiving feedback.

Morning meditation will include the reading of inspirational material which gives women their daily insight to contemplate through the day. Some mornings might include a meditation practice or watching a short inspirational video. All mornings include connecting to the women in the house and maintaining important principles of recovery.

Honesty, accountability, and responsibility are essential themes of early recovery for women. Morning meditation is the way to set about these themes for the rest of the day. Women have a chance from the start of their day to be honest about their experience in recovery with themselves, their peers, and their counselors. Honesty is how women stay accountable in recovery, taking responsibility for their emotional experiences and how they are handled.

Lastly, women in morning meditation at Villa Tranquil get to start their day feeling the love and support they need as reminders throughout the rest of the day. Surrounded by her sisters in sobriety and a compassionate, caring staff, the woman at Villa Tranquil knows she is able to stand strong in her recovery.


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