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What type of Detox Program is Right for me?

Detoxification is the process your body goes through to rid itself of the toxins and chemicals stored in your body after an extended period of substance or alcohol abuse. When a person has habitually abused drugs or alcohol, their body is dependent on that substance to function. When the user removes the substance, they may experience a myriad of withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms vary depending on the substance involved, the duration of use, and the severity of the addiction itself.

When a person begins the process of treatment and recovery, a detoxification program is generally the first step. There are many types of detox programs available, and they fall into two basic categories: non-medical or “social” detox and medical detox.

For a social detox, the level of care varies widely. For some social detox programs, the patient remains living in their home and merely attend regular meetings and appointments to discuss coping methods, positive lifestyle changes, and effective behaviors for their recovery. On the other hand, a social detox can be an onsite program where the individual lives at an addiction facility and is supervised consistently. This type of program still incorporates meetings and educational experiences to create a recovery that is sustainable. This level of support may include a doctor monitoring the detox symptoms, but no medication is administered to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

When it comes to a medical detox, a doctor or physician is on staff and monitors the patient round the clock. The doctor prescribes medication designed to lessen withdrawal symptoms and ease the patient’s body through the transition into sobriety. These medications include things like methadone and clonidine. Both of these medications must be monitored closely by a physician as they each have potentially adverse side effects.  

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