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What Valentine’s Day Is And Isn’t

February is all hearts and flowers as Valentine’s Day looms near. While some relish in the day of love, others feel they cannot retreat far enough from the teddy bears and candies. Valentine’s Day is and is not many different things. This year, choose to make Valentine’s Day what you want to make it.

Valentine’s Day Is About Love And Martyrdom

There wasn’t just one Saint Valentine. In fact, there were multiple “Valentinus”. Saint Valentine was one of many saints who are honored on February 14th, which originated as a Christian feast and religious celebration. Stories of martyrdom, sacrificing one’s life for a religious cause, are associated with the Valentinus saints. Saint Valentine of Rome gave us the beginnings of what we know as a “valentine” today. The saint was imprisoned for marrying soldiers under the Roman Empire. Legend has it that during his imprisonment, he healed the jailer’s daughter and wrote her a letter signed “Your Valentine” before his execution. From there, the holiday continued to evolve as “courting” or dating, became popular. By the 18th Century, people were sending flowers, confectionary delights, and “valentine” greeting cards every February 14th. It has taken many centuries more for Valentine’s Day to evolve into the mass-produced ‘Hallmark’ holiday that it is today.

Valentine’s Day Is Not “Singles Awareness Day”

Since there is a modern focus on love and romantic relationships on Valentine’s Day, those who are not swept up in roses and chocolates can feel left out. Valentine’s Day has been called “Singles Awareness Day” in jest of the way single individuals feel like they are under a microscope on the holiday. Considering the origins of Valentine’s Day, the true meaning of the holiday clearly has nothing to do with relationship or no relationship, but what we do out of love for one another.

Valentine’s Day Is A Day To Acknowledge All Of The Love In Your Life

Most people are lucky to have at least one or two “valentines” in their life, people who are willing to love them beyond the confinements of time, space, and ability. Rather than focus on what Valentine’s Day means according to modern mainstream ideology, focus on all of the love in your life. If you have friends, family, coworkers, favorite cashiers at a store, or others, Valentine’s Day is a day to acknowledge all of the love in your life, in every area. Drop everyone a note, a sweet, or some flowers to spread the love.

Valentine’s Day Is Not The Only Day To Acknowledge All Of The Love In Your Life

A primary argument against the emphasis of Valentine’s Day is that there are 364 other days in the year to express your love, affection, and devotion to others. Love shouldn’t be saved up for one grandiose display one day a year. You can find little ways to show your love and gratitude every single day.

Lastly, Valentine’s Day Is Not A Reason To Relapse

Living through your first Valentine’s Day as a women in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be challenging. Like any other day, Valentine’s Day is just one day, a set of 24 hours, then it is over. Though you may be facing uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, or physical cravings, Valentine’s Day is not a reason to relapse. Stay close to your friends, practice your program, and remember to take it one day at a time.

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