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When Visiting Your Doctor, Bring Up Your History of Addiction and Related Issues

Women’s health is not a subject to shy away from. Whether your primary physician or speciality doctors are men or women, it is critical to cover all areas of health, with each doctor. We are learning more and more that health problems are not isolated. What might be occurring in one area of the body could be connected to many more, including the brain. When a woman enters recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, she is making a commitment to herself in mind, body, and spirit. Often, women who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol have neglected their physical health in some way, or many ways. Even if a woman has been superbly healthy and active despite her addiction, the effects of drugs and alcohol were still damaging. Working with doctors during treatment and after treatment is part of the program of recovery a woman designs for herself. Accountability to her physical body helps her stay sober. Through a living amends to herself, she continues to work on her health in every way possible. That means being as informed and as informative as possible when working with doctors.

Mention Your History With Substance Abuse

Perhaps you are suddenly having heart palpitations and chest constrictions, but you’ve always had good health in your heart. You work with your doctor to discover the source of these problems but you fail to mention that you abused crack, cocaine, methamphetamine, amphetamines, or other kinds of central nervous system stimulant drugs for many years. Stimulant drugs speed up the heart and wear it down over time. Heart attack, heart failure, and heart disease are common in those who have abused stimulants long term. There is undoubtedly an element of shame and stigma which arises at the thought of mentioning a history of substance abuse. However, for your treatment and health it is critical to inform the doctor. Mention every symptom you are experiencing and let your doctor know how long you abused drugs and alcohol.

Mention Your History With Eating Disorders

You may not have been fully diagnosed with an eating disorder. Disordered eating and exercising behaviors are common in women who develop an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Women face an overwhelming amount of pressure in their appearance, their expectations, and their performance. Whether or not your disordered eating behaviors were sustained long term, even short term behaviors could have had a problematic effect.


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