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Which Recovery Facility is Right for Me?

Once you’ve made the decision to get treatment for your addiction, the next step is critical. You need to determine which recovery facility to work with to get you the help you need. When you have opted for an inpatient program, you need to find a facility that is the right fit for your needs. This is a vital decision as it is the foundation of your new life of sobriety. Ask yourself the following questions when selecting your recovery facility.

1.    What services are offered? All facilities offer a different selection of services. Talk to them and research their facility online. Ask questions! You don’t want any surprises. If you are looking for a detox program, discuss how they handle that process. Do they offer social (non-medical) detox or medical detox? Determine which is necessary for you based on your specific addiction and the severity.
2.    How will I pay for it? Recovery facilities offer a variety of payment options. Some provide financing. Others accept credit cards. Still, others accept health insurance or government assistance. While money isn’t everything, the cost may be a considerable factor, depending on your financial resources.  
3.    Where is the recovery facility located? For some, they want a facility that is close to home. A local facility keeps the cost lower, minimizes travel concerns, and keeps them near friends and family. For others, getting away from the people that have contributed or participated in their addiction may be immensely valuable. Consider your own situation and weigh the benefits of being near home or in a distant location.
4.    How long is the treatment? While a safe, positive, and thorough treatment are paramount, the time commitment is often a key factor. Some programs last a few weeks, while other programs are a more intensive, prolonged, term often several months or longer. Consider the obligations in your life like employment, family responsibilities, and schooling. These all play a factor in selecting the appropriate recovery facility.

Choosing the right addiction facility is a big decision. When treatment is complete, the transition back to your home can be both exciting and intimidating. Villa Tranquil is a recovery facility designed to ease you through that transition. Offering a serene environment, a variety of professional recovery support, and a myriad of educational opportunities designed to provide you with the skills needed to succeed in your recovery, Villa Tranquil is here to help you when you need it most. Please call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 today to speak with an addiction expert. Make the call today.