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Why Alcohol Appeals To Women

Liquor is often considered a symptom in alcoholism. Alcohol is not the problem for women who drink but the solution to why they are drinking. People commonly mistake the definition of alcoholism as being quantifiable. Alcoholism, they believe, is defined by how much a woman drinks as opposed to why a woman drinks. A woman drinks to solve her emotional problems. Women, like all alcoholics, find a benefit to consuming alcohol in large quantities despite increasing negative consequences. Alcohol can seem to solve emotional problems like sadness, loneliness, anger, desperation, frustration, and more. When a woman is lacking in the tools she needs for coping with her emotions, she will find a coping mechanism in alcohol.

Alcohol erases negative narratives in the mind

Women are shamed, judged, assessed, weighed, measured, and otherwise compared in everything that they do as well as for everything that they are. Faced with their own voice in their minds, which is formed by many other voices which have left an imprint, women feel as though they find a blessed kind of silence in their minds when they drink. Drinking helps them feel more at peace with their thoughts, which truly translates to feeling, at least temporarily, more at peace with themselves. Unfortunately, that effect is not long lasting. The more that alcoholism develops, the more that women have to consume and the less effect the alcohol has. Eventually, alcohol betrays them. Rather than being the supporter they once looked to, alcohol becomes another source of pain, shame, and suffering.

Alcohol creates new approaches to attachment

When a woman struggles with intimacy or relationships of any kind, she can feel encouraged by alcohol consumption. Many people turn to alcohol for what they call “liquid courage”. Women are inhibited in their ability to create healthy attachment for a number of reasons, many of which include traumatic experiences like abuse and abandonment. Where a woman feels insecure and afraid, alcohol seems to create a new courage. Alcohol infused bonds are not necessarily authentic bonds, the kind of honest and transparent bonds a woman needs to sustain her life.

Alcohol forms a new identity

Many women who describe their alcoholism describe a similar experience. Alcohol told them who they were when they were struggling to identify themselves. Being a drinker was who they were. These women find solace in recovery when they make the identity shift from active alcoholic to recovering alcoholic.


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