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Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

Why do women wear make up? Many ask this question, including women themselves. Why do women wear makeup? Makeup has been a trend in women’s fashion and beauty for centuries. Ancient cultures used various forms of makeup and jewelry to decorate women and designate whether they were married or had children. Make up is an expression of time, culture, history, and personality.

Sally Hansen is one of the most well known names in the beauty industry. A dependable and consistent brand, Sally Hansen is best known for nail polish. In conjunction with Ipsos, the beauty company conducted a study for their Shetopia campaign about how often women wear makeup and why. 1,500 women were surveyed for the study in 2017. Here are some of the findings, according to Bustle:

  • 84 percent of women believe beauty routines are empowering
  • 69% choose to wear nail polish for themselves, as opposed to making the choice for another person or standard
  • 49% feel more confident when they have a manicure
  • 81% think their alone time in their beauty routines is great
  • 65% experience a sense of pride when a new beauty trick is mastered for their routine
  • 18% wear makeup every single day or almost every single day
  • 28% wear makeup “most days”

Though the sample size for the survey is relatively small, the points made from the study are considerable in magnitude. Women are often criticized for wearing make up for someone else or for some reason other than wanting to wear it for themselves. The study shows that women do enjoy wearing make up for themselves, which speaks volumes for how women’s choices are regarded. Women can think, choose, and act for themselves, regardless of social or relational pressures. Acting as authentic, autonomous representations for themselves, a woman can choose to be, do, and look however she wants to. That is her right and her ability.


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