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Why Women Get Sober: Part Two

Being the family member or friend of a woman who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction can be a difficult position. Watching a woman actively choose to hurt herself, her livelihood, and those around her is painful. Drugs and alcohol skew a woman’s mind and can drag her through years of active addiction. Until she is ready to get sober, a woman will struggle to get sober. Finally, one day everything changes and she is able to see the truth in her life. She asks for help, she seeks treatment, and she turns her life around.

The drugs stopped working

Drugs stop working in two ways when addiction is reaching the bottom of its journey. First, the drugs stop having the same effect on the brain they once did. As a result of the brain developing a tolerance to drugs, the brain needs more drugs more often to produce the same effects they did before. Drugs work in other ways, however. Escaping, numbing, avoiding, feeling, believing- drugs fill a purpose in a woman’s life. For a while, the drugs are successful in fulfilling that purpose. Once the drugs stop working in the chemical brain, the drugs stop working in the emotional brain. The drugs stop working to fulfill their purpose. No longer do they provide escape, numbing, feelings, pleasure, or a different reality. When drugs stop working, women have nothing left to hide behind. It is time to face their addiction head on.

They wanted a different life for themselves

The twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are outlined as a “spiritual program for living” designed to help those who take the steps have a “spiritual experience”. This spiritual experience is supposed to be a breakthrough of immense “psychic change” which helps women cease to obsess over using external substances to solve internal problems. Moments of spiritual experience start happening the second a woman takes an objective look at her life in recovery. Everything she thought was normal, from her hygiene to her weight, her sexual activity to her living conditions, her finances to her relationships, isn’t normal anymore. She realizes that life in addiction is no life to live at all. She realizes she wants to live and in order to do that, she has to learn how to live clean and sober.

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