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Why Women Get Sober: Part One

Women find themselves at the doorstep of sobriety for many reasons. When a woman decides she is ready to seek treatment and get sober, she enters a wave of momentum which should not be stopped. Ask for help today. Reach out to recovery. It will always grab your hand.

There were undeniable signs

Some women sadly chase denial into its deepest depths when it comes to their alcoholism or drug addiction. No matter how bad it gets for them, no matter how obvious the signs are that they need to stop drinking or using drugs, they keep going. As if they are wearing blinders or have vertigo that only focuses on their addiction, they ignore all the signs of the universe. Women tend to twist the truth, manipulate reality, and avoid any accountability when they are deep in denial about their addiction.

At some point, however, the gig is up. The signs that there is a problem regarding drugs and alcohol can no longer be ignored. Instead of running and avoiding, fighting and denying, women finally decide to just listen and pay attention. When they do, the message is clear: this isn’t working anymore. Get help now.

The drinking wasn’t fun anymore

Drugs and alcohol produce a certain amount of pleasure in the brain which creates euphoric sensations. In short, drugs and alcohol can be fun. For a period of time in a woman’s using journey, drugs and alcohol are fun. Eventually, the fun wears out. The brain develops a tolerance to drugs and alcohol, meaning it can no longer extract the same amount of fun it used to. It takes more substances more often to achieve anywhere near a similar effect as before. As a woman consumes more substances, she becomes more chemically dependent and gets more physically sick. She might lose control of her impulses, her motor functions, or even her memory. The more sick and dependent she becomes, the more out of control her life becomes. Drinking is no longer fun. Good times are a thing of the past. Consequences of her drinking have become an undeniable reality. Relationships are damaged, jobs are lost, health is wavering, and dignity disappears.

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