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Will Transitional Care Complete My Recovery?

Transitional care is another step in the treatment and recovery process to help you gain the strength of mind, body, and spirit you need to live a serene and successful life in sobriety. Transitional living for women is an ideal choice when a woman finishes treatment and does not yet feel prepared to live fully on her own yet. Offering clinical support, daily structure, mentorship, and experiential learning, transitional living programs extend the recovery process in terms of treatment and act as a launching off point for recovery as a lifestyle. Recovery is not completed by taking the extra step through transitional living and transitional care.

Recovery is a journey, not a destination. Too many women leave treatment or transitional living believing they are recovered and can no longer be affected by their addiction or alcoholism. When they start to experience cravings and obsessive thinking, or small compulsive urges to drink or use, they are confused and shocked. Their high expectations of being recovered leads them to be disappointed by what they then believe to be the opposite of being recovered. Addiction and alcoholism are considered to be relapsing and remitting disorders which affect the mind, the body, and the spirit. Relapse is not a part of recovery, though it is described that way often. Relapse can be a part of recovery when remission is not maintained. For this reason, recovery is an ongoing process which is never fully completed.

Once women decide they are recovered, they shut themselves off to the experience of growing, learning, and evolving. Recovery is not a static experience but a dynamic experience. Women in recovery are constantly developing their relationship with themselves and with others as their understanding of themselves and relationships deepen. Understandably, in the beginning, when recovery is a challenge, women want to know when recovery is going to end. They yearn for the experience of recovery to change. Symptoms of withdrawal are difficult to get through. Feelings of happiness and pleasure have not yet returned. Whatever lies ahead in recovery has to be better than what women are experiencing in the beginning. What women in early recovery don’t yet realize is that recovery only gets better. Within a few weeks to a few months or a few years, women find that they hope their recovery is never “over” or “completed”. With every challenge comes change. With every change, the last drink and drug is further away.


Villa Tranquil offers a unique opportunity for women to continue their care and recovery after going to treatment. A transitional living home, Villa Tranquil provides structure and support while encouraging women to take more steps toward independence. Compassionate care, authentic living, and serenity in sobriety. Call us today for more information:  214-799-3080