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Women Abuse These 4 Drugs

These are four of the most common substances women abuse in their addictions.  


  • Alcohol: Women are more likely to develop an alcohol problem than men are and at a more rapid rate as well. According to national scales, it takes less drinks for a woman to get drunk than it does for a man. For example, the national definition of binge drinking is four drinks for women five drinks for men, in a two hour period. Women have different body types than men do. Generally smaller with faster metabolisms, women have more physical fat than a man does. As a result, alcohol stays in women’s bodies longer than men’s bodies. Women absorb more alcohol more quickly which leads to women getting more drunk on less alcohol. In an effort to get as drunk as possible, women will abuse the alcohol which has a significant impact on them from just a few drinks. When women develop a tolerance to alcohol, they can surpass the amount of drinking any man will come to in his life.
  • Stimulants: Drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, and study drugs like adderall are commonly abused by woman for specific properties. Since women have a complicated relationship with their bodies and body image, stimulant drugs are an appealing choices. Stimulant drugs are known to increase energy, sharpen focus, and enhance motivation while curbing the appetite. Women who abuse heavy amphetamines like methamphetamine can stay awake, stay alert, and stay productive. For a while, these side effects are beneficial, until the addiction to stimulants gets out of hand. Malnutrition, heart complications, and poor mental health created by staying awake, as well as abusing drugs, sets in.
  • Depressants: Depressant substances women most often abuse include benzodiazepines and alcohol, which are incredibly dangerous when abused together. Women who abuse depressants do so in order not to feel. All drug and alcohol substances provide an effect of euphoria and of analgesia to an extent. Feeling high amounts of pleasure, pain relief, and numbness, women become dependent upon these substances to take away their thoughts, aches, pains, and stresses.
  • Opiates: Research has found that women are prescribed opiates more often than men and are more likely than men to develop a chemical dependency on opiates because they become chemically dependent on opiates more rapidly. Opiates are often prescribed as painkillers. Without abusing these drugs, women can become chemically dependent upon them.



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