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Women and Alcoholism – Scary Changes

For decades, when we thought about alcoholism, we thought of men. Generally speaking, men of all ages. We hear stories about the drunken teenage boys causing trouble on the weekends and the older men that become regulars at the local bar each night after work. What we don’t always hear about are the women that are abusing alcohol every day.

Recent studies show a frightening change in statistics regarding alcoholism and women. In fact, the rate of women fighting alcoholism has more than doubled in the last five years. For a long time, the number of men dealing with alcoholism was far higher than the number of women. That is no longer the case. As of 2017, the rate is nearly the same for both men and women. How’s that for equality?

The reasons men and women drink are very different. For many, it tends to be more social, while for women, it is often a response to negative feelings. Women tend to drink in order to relieve stress, fall asleep quicker, and to promote relaxation. These studies say that the rise in women abusing alcohol is unusually high among mothers of young children. These women drink to deal with hormonal changes, pressure from parenting, and feelings of insecurity and inferiority. This is problematic, also, because these women don’t always believe there is clearly a problem. From their perspective, they function all day sufficiently, they take care of the house and their children, and once the kids are tucked into bed, they feel they deserve a few glasses of wine. It’s not uncommon for women to think that everything ok as long as they are safe in the confines of their own home, they have done what they needed to do during the day, and all of their friends are drinking at home also.

The rise in alcoholism in women is a societal problem. From media idolizing “cool” moms that drink to stay sane and the overall idea that because they are moms they “deserve” a few drinks at night, we are setting a dangerous precedent. Alcoholism can be a slippery slope. It doesn’t take long to go from a glass of wine to a bottle of wine.

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