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Women and Ongoing Recovery Issues

Recovery is not a box we can check once it is completed. It is an ongoing journey, a healing process, and a period of growth within a person. As we move through our recovery journey, we will find we are most often not without our share of issues. This is not unusual! Don’t worry; you’re not alone. We evolve, and our recovery journey grows along with us.

As we get further along in our recovery, we will likely face a new set of issues. These issues vary from person to person, but women are commonly found to experience a specific group of issues as they progress through their recovery. These issues are generally either physical issues or mental issues, or some combination of both. The most common ongoing recovery issues for women involve pain relief, the aging process, and dealing with loss.

When someone is dealing with addiction, pain management and relief can become a big deal. If you are doing well in recovery and find yourself with an injury, handling the pain can be problematic. Many pain relief medications are known for being addictive and can pose a problem for women in recovery. The key to preventing this issue is to be upfront with your health professionals and ensure they are aware of your addiction prior to prescribing you any medications.

It may sound odd because naturally both men and women experience the aging process, but it is far more traumatic for women. Some women unknowingly place a large amount of their self-worth in their appearance, and as they age, they may find their confidence becomes shaky, and depression and anxiety may appear. Unfortunately, this can lead to relapse if left unchecked.

Lastly, as we move through our lives and get older, we have more and more experiences of loss. Sometimes it is the loss of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, or loss of a promotion or other career-related goal. Whatever causes the loss, the feelings are still very real. Women deal with loss differently than men and are at a higher risk of relapse as they process the negative emotions that weigh on them during times of loss.

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