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Women are the Fastest Growing Segment in Addiction in the United States…WHY?

It is no secret that women have become the fastest growing segment in addiction in the United States. Last year alone, over 4.5 Million women over the age of 12 admitted to having a problem with addiction. The addictions vary among alcohol, prescription drugs, and illicit drugs. Over 200,000 women die annually in American from drug or alcohol-related abuse. It is an epidemic. Why are more women falling victim to drugs and alcohol?

Statistics show that women progress quicker to dependency. They try something and find themselves addicted much faster than their male counterparts. Some of this is physical, but some are also psychological. Often before physical dependency occurs with drugs and alcohol, the emotional attachment to the way the substance affects the body takes precedent. For women, many are running away from trauma, low self-esteem, or other psychological conditions. In an attempt to avoid dealing with these issues or even merely to escape from the inner torment and pain for a short time, women begin to crave the reprieve from their emotions that they find in drug and alcohol abuse. Desperation keeps them coming back, even when they know the long-term consequences are grim. Statistics show women are more than twice as likely to have mood disorders, sexual abuse, and physical abuse in their histories. When these traumas are left untreated, women may turn to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to self-medicate.

Another component to the rising number of women dealing with addiction is the fact that women are far more likely to visit their doctor for treatment of any number of symptoms. Many times, the treatment of these symptoms leads to prescription drugs such as painkillers, sleeping aids, and anti-depressants. All of the drugs carry a particular risk with them, increasing the possibility of issues with addiction for these female patients.

With the risk of addiction increasing so quickly for women, it has never been more critical that women seek the help they need when they need it. If you or a loved one is dealing with addiction, please make the call and get the help you deserve. Your future is precious, and you deserve the opportunity to enjoy every moment of that future.

For women ages 18-65, Villa Tranquil provides the ideal location for transitioning from primary treatment back to your home and your daily routine. Villa Tranquil delivers services that teach you vital skills that will decrease risks of relapse and will give you all the tools you need to stay faithful to your sobriety. Please call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 to learn more about what they can do for you.