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Women Don’t Know About Their Own Health

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health conducts an annual survey. 10,000 women between the ages of 18 and 80 across the nation. The recent survey revealed some startling information about how women feel about their bodies, what they know about taking care of their bodies, and what they do about taking care of their bodies. Three critical pieces of information came forth from the study. First, 60% of of women surveyed believe that they are overweight. Most often, women are not aware of what a truly healthy weight is, what a normal body appearance is, or other realistic facts about their bodies. Women also are lacking in the way that they handle their body, which might be a result of misinformation. For example, women are encouraged to participate in a minimum of 2.5 hours of physical activity each week. 60% of the women in the survey, however, do not manage that time wisely- meaning that they aren’t getting the exercise that they need. Despite the inundation of information women are sold about their bodies, their weight, their exercise, their diet, their clothes, and anything else having to do with how they look or feel- half of the women in the survey wanted more information on nutrition for eating healthy.

What this indicates is that there is a great imbalance when it comes to what women know, what women think and what women are being told about their health, their bodies, and their nutrition. For women, this isn’t new. One of the reasons women may be asking for more information is that the plentitude of diets, crash diets, supplements, workouts, smoothies, best tips, worst tips, and every other tip in between doesn’t work. Filtering through the magnitude of instruction, since it is rarely suggestion, for a woman is exhausting. Little to no surprise is it that women are feeling flustered in getting right-minded about their physical health. Some reports have estimated that females, especially young girls, receive thousands of messages a day about body image. Look no further than the checkout aisle of a grocery store to see female-focused literature simultaneously offering the latest cupcake recipe and the fastest way to slim a waistline. Rarely advertised is the time-honored tradition of balance.

Exercise is a necessity because it helps with overall health, not just physical health. Evidenced to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental health struggles, exercise is a critical tool for recovery. Inflammation, what is caused by stress and contributes to ongoing stress, is the root of many diseases and disorders which can be fatal. Addiction is a fatal and progressive disease. Exercise is one of many tools that prevents relapse and sustains sobriety. Exercise, along with proper diet and nutrition, are parts of a recovery program every woman is encouraged to develop because, in addition to physical and mental health, they contribute to the spiritual health of self-esteem. When women feel good, they feel good. Eating well feels good- eating a heavily restricted or heavily indulgent diet does not feel good. Exercising feels good- obsessively and compulsively exercising or not exercising at all does not feel good. Feeling good about yourself- comfortable in your own body, proud of your own choices, aware of who you are- that feels good.

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