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Women Need Women: Do’s and Don’t’s for Supporting Women In Recovery

Women are the greatest ally to other women who are in recovery. The female friendships you make in early recovery are special and unique. Nobody can understand the experience of being a woman in recovery like another  woman in recovery who is a female addict or alcoholic.  

  • Do your best not to talk over one another, interrupt one another, argue with one another, and negate the other woman’s feelings. Everyone deserves the time, opportunity, and space to fully articulate themselves and express their feelings. Women have a tendency to judge, evaluate, and position themselves as greater than or less than others. Strive for equality and solidarity over catty, petty, surface level issues. Recovery is a deep sisterhood and spiritual journey for all women to take together.
  • Don’t call each other crazy. Women can certainly act what might be defined as ‘crazy’ when they are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. However, there is a damaging shame and stigma associated with the disease of addiction equating it with what is actually clinical insanity. The two are not the same.
  • Do your best to stand up for women when you notice them in an uncomfortable situation at twelve step meetings. Unfortunately, men, even other women, can act in inappropriate ways at meetings when they are in early recovery. 12-step meetings or other recovery support meetings are not places to “pick up” dates, but a place to learn how not to pick up drugs and alcohol again. Gently pull your female friend a way, or not-so-gently tell someone else to leave her alone.
  • Don’t criticize other women for being any kind of woman. Women are quick to create generalizations and evaluations of what a woman should be, how a woman should look, and the way a woman should act in the various roles a woman fulfills. Every woman has the right to be her own, authentic, unique self. Instead of condemning these differences, celebrate them as you celebrate your own individuality.
  • Do your best to be vulnerable with other women who you feel safe with. Also do your best to be a safe woman with whom other women can be vulnerable in return. Women need other women to turn to.


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