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You Can Break the Cycle of Emotional Eating

It’s a stereotypical visualization women face too often in the media and in their personal lives. Women eat when they feel. Women eat when they feel sad, women eat when they feel angry. Women eat when they feel lonely, women eat when they’re with friends. Then, women complain about what they eat and how much they eat. Women torture themselves with shame and criticism about the fact that they are emotional eating, yet continue with the unnecessary practice, just because they’re women and that’s what they do. It is a broken cycle that deserves to be severed forever. Emotional eating is responsible for unhealthy weight gain, poor self-esteem, and lack of motivation. There is an answer to emotional eating that can change your life and your recovery.

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is about more than learning to stay away from harmful substances. Through recovery, you learn that it is unhealthy to seek external validation for internal issues. Using external substances and processes of any kind to validate or numb internal issues, primarily feelings and emotions, isn’t healthy coping. Healthy coping is not something that you are taught to do. Women who come to recovery are often learning or relearning what it means to take care of themselves in a truly authentic way. Women in recovery are strong because they learn how to take care of their internal selves before turning to external substances like food to make them feel differently. Emotional regulation is a process of identifying the emotions, acknowledging them, accepting them, and making a decision about what to do with them. When women break the cycle of emotional eating, they become empowered in their decision making, which boosts their confidence and their self-esteem.

Mindfulness and Eating

A well rounded diet with nutritious food, abundant water, and health focused food choices is the best foundation for any approach to healthy eating and healthy living. Mindfulness should be included in every dietary health plan as something as important as the food itself. Mindfulness is a practice of noticing, awareness, and paying attention. Both men and women neglect their  awareness when it comes to food. Emotional eating is an example of that. During heightened states of emotional experiences, men and women aren’t necessarily hungry, but experiencing a triggered response for food they have trained their brain with over time. Mindfulness allows you to take a pause before making a food choice and become aware of your needs. Are you hungry? What do you want to eat? What does your body need to eat, if anything at all? Can you notice what is going on emotionally that might be triggering your untimely hunger? Most importantly, mindfulness advocates non-judgment. If you eat emotionally, or don’t eat emotionally, you can approach yourself with grace and compassion instead of shame, judgment, and criticism.

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