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You May Not Be An Alcoholic, But You May Be A Problem Drinker If…

Problem drinking is different from alcoholism because problem drinkers have two qualities distinct from alcoholism. First, a problem drinker can easily stop drinking. Most problem drinkers do not drink every single day. Between episodes of binging, problem drinkers stop drinking and do not experience any symptoms of withdrawal. Problem drinking can lead to alcoholism, but will not necessarily do so. Problem drinking is, however, still a problem. If you think you may be a problem drinker, you may want to consider a period of abstinence in your life, or find a way to cut back on alcohol completely. If you don’t feel you could completely quit alcohol, you may have a bigger problem on your hands.

…If when you drink, you become the risk taker of the group

Alcohol lowers inhibitions and impairs judgment. If you are an otherwise reserved, introverted individual, alcohol may feel like it brings you out of your shell. When you drink, you’re the life of the party. You take the biggest risks, you step out of your shell and you feel invincible. Alcohol shouldn’t turn you into a completely different person, especially a person that you don’t feel you can be without alcohol.

…If when you drink, it is only at certain times

Problem drinking doesn’t necessarily evolve into alcoholism, but problem drinking is still a problem. Alcoholics create all kinds of rules for themselves they cannot maintain, like only drinking on the weekends. Problems drinkers usually have the same rules, only they are capable of maintaining them. However, when they drink within those guidelines, like the time limit of one weekend, they drink so hard that they cause themselves more problems than they had the rest of the week.

…If when you drink, you cannot control how much you are drinking, no matter the limitations you set for yourself

Time constraints aren’t the only limitations problem drinkers set for themselves. A whole weekend might give too much liberty to a problem drinker, inspiring them to set limitations. Only one drink. No more than five drinks. Only drinking on Saturday. More rules may apply, except that a problem drinker cannot actually apply these rules to their life. No matter the limitations a problem drinker sets for themselves, they cannot abide by them. Inevitably, they end up drinking beyond their intentions.

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