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Your Daily Self-Care Checklist

A daily self-care checklist will have everything you need to do on it for the day. There are things you should be doing every day that will help move you closer to your short-term and long-term goals. These things will help you feel better, physically and mentally. Follow along below for more information on the things you should be doing each and every day for your self-care.

  • I got enough sleep

Sleep is essential for your day. If you are running on little sleep, your whole day can be thrown off. Rest is necessary for your mind, body, and goals. 

  • I showered and brushed my teeth

Getting clean will help you feel refreshed and give you a jumpstart for your day. Personal hygiene may feel like a chore, but it’s worth pushing through because you’ll feel better.

  • I took my medications and vitamins

Medication and vitamins should be taken on a schedule and as prescribed. Doing this helps you feel better and get their full, prescribed effects.

  • I exercised

Exercising does wonders for you. It can positively impact your physical and mental health. You will feel revitalized and strengthened once you finish working out. 

  • I had a snack

Snacks are essential to help you get through the day and to your next meal.

  • I connected with someone

Human connection is something we all crave. Try not to isolate yourself during the day. Call a friend or have lunch with someone. 

  • I spent time outside

Spending time in nature is something that will leave you feeling refreshed and brighten your overall perspective on your life.

  • I drank enough water

You have to drink an adequate amount of water during the day to remain hydrated and functioning properly.

  • I ate three nourishing meals

Eating three wholesome meals throughout the day is vital to fuel your mind and body. Make sure they are quality, well-balanced meals. 

  • I took deep breaths when I felt stressed

If you find yourself feeling stressed, make sure to take some deep breaths. Focus on the present moment and practice some mindfulness. This will help you feel less overwhelmed.

  • I relaxed

Relaxing is something that often goes overlooked. Do something today that you enjoy. You’ll thank yourself later.

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