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Your Image Of You Is Going To Change In Recovery

How the world views women often dictates the way women view themselves. Though the hegemonic narratives regarding women largely remain the same, some areas of women-centered representation has transformed in curious ways. The New York Times recently reported on how the most paid for image for “woman” has changed on the Getty Images platform in ten years in “From Sex Object to Gritty Woman: The Evolution of Women in Stock Photos”. In 2007, the most paid for photo for “woman” was a photo of a woman, naked, lying under a towel in a massage room or spa-like setting. Her face fully visible to the camera, her gaze looks directly to the lens, her eyes wide open, her lips gently pursed. The most purchased image of “woman” for 2017 conveys a completely different story. Instead of immobile in a passive position, this woman is active, taking a large step in her hiking boots. Rather than a close up in an enclosed environment, the woman herself, in a bright red down jacket, is the smallest part of the photo. Her background? A striking landscape of jagged rocks, a sprawling crystal blue lake, and the endless mountains of Banff National Park. She’s not getting a massage. She’s adventuring in the great outdoors.

Pam Grossman, who boasts the position of director of visual trends at Getty Images, spoke on the changing trend. “It really feels like an image about power, about freedom, about trusting oneself,” she explains in the article. Grossman touches on something important for women and women-representation- the movement shows less of a focus on appearance. “Who cares what you even look like? Let’s focus on what you’re doing?”

How will that look? Is a question women have both asked themselves and been asked by others. Addiction and alcoholism are not exactly up to par when it comes to the standard of appearances required of women. For that reason, many women don’t come forward about their struggles with substance abuse. How will it look to admit to addiction and alcoholism? How will it look to leave the family, the partner, the children, the career, the responsibilities, the expectations, and go to treatment? How will it look to go to those meetings with those people?

Quickly, women in recovery learn that how their life looks on the outside is of less importance than how it looks on the inside. Notably, Ms. Grossman doesn’t use appearance words to describe the photo. Power, freedom, and self-trust are internal descriptors. Women in recovery regain their strength, their grace, their dignity. Their appearances on the outside often change. More often than not, those changes are catalyzed by a dramatic change on the inside. How women see themselves in recovery changes. Women learn to see themselves as powerful, as free, and as trustworthy. As a result, they live their lives in that way- quite literally, as well as metaphorically, climbing mountains.

Your life in recovery is going to change beyond your wildest conceptions. You deserve to recover. Villa Tranquil is a unique opportunity for women to transform their lives in a transitional living environment. Our beautiful home in Jupiter Farms, Florida, offers the serenity, safety, and clinical structure women need to progress their recovery and their lives. Call us today for information:  214-799-3080