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Your Story Will Inspire Others

This post is for those in recovery. Although recovery is extremely difficult, you’ve already done the hardest part: asking for help. What you can do now is share your story of recovery with those around you. Sharing your story will save lives. 

Humans are hardwired for connection. We want to feel united with those around us. We look for similarities with our families and friends, but also for strangers. These strangers, who at first look we may doubt we have anything in common with, share our experiences and craft their lives in ways we never thought imaginable. We share more than we probably believe, however. We find connections in theirs. For example, we may believe that recovery is unattainable at first. But, we see that they have been through similar occurrences and they have made it through. The same could be true for us. 

If we share our stories and one person’s life is changed, it has been worth it. Those in positions of power with platforms share their stories not for personal gain, but with the hope that they can make a difference in someone’s life. Allow your platform may not be as vast, you still have a platform. Your family and friends look up to you. They know your flaws, yet still, cheer you on. They want to see you succeed. They also, however, may be in a similar situation as you. They may benefit from you sharing your story. Your highs, your lows; your strengths, your weaknesses. These all can make a difference in someone’s life.

Stigma still looms around mental health and addiction. It can be hard to think about opening up when there are many unwanted opinions from society. Just think, however, of the stigma that those face when they are deciding to open up about their struggles. You did it; help someone else do it, too. By speaking up about your struggles, you are helping those around you. 

At Villa Tranquil Recovery, we are here to help you along your recovery journey. We are part of your support system so that, upon your own recovery, you can be someone else’s support system. Let our experienced team help you start your recovery and keep you along that path. We are here throughout your complete journey. Call us today at 214-799-3080.