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Your Stress-Busting Nutritional Guide For 2018

Stress- whether it is chronic, brief, or prolonged, uses up the body’s energy. When we experience stress, we experience it in our brain as well as our body. We feel stress everywhere, from head to toe, as well as feeling stress mentally or emotionally. Stress is created by stress hormones, which we produce inside of our body. Our evolution as human beings gave us the ability to react quickly to a threat- real or perceived.

Most often, in the modern world, our stresses are perceived, but they feel real. Emotions, for example, can feel stressful and threatening to someone who is not used to feeling them in their entirety, like a woman in early recovery and treatment for addiction. Though the emotions don’t really hold a threat, the threat feels real and causes stress. Stress can cause us to feel exhausted in every way.

What we seldom take into consideration about stress is that stress is energy. Energy, according to laws of physics, cannot be created or destroyed. The energy of our stress has to come from somewhere and has to go somewhere. Creating, managing, and regulating stress comes derives much energy from nutrients. Nutrients are energy and give energy to every process in our body, including stress.

Author of The De-Stress Effect, Charlotte Watts, recently described some of the different signs of nutrient deficiency we can look out for as symptoms of stress. Healthista reports that:

  • Cracked lips are a sign of B6 deficiency
  • Grinding your teeth is a sign of B5 deficiency
  • Developing white spots, or calcium spots, on your nails is a sign of Zinc deficiency
  • Experiencing digestive issues like constipation and/or diarrhea is a sign of Magnesium deficiency
  • Bleeding gums are a sign of Vitamin C deficiency

Regularly taking vitamin supplements can help reduce the effect of stress on the body and help the body fight stress in return. Vitamins and nutrients come from food. Eating a well rounded, nutritional, whole food diet gives your body all of the vitamins and minerals that it needs. If you find that some of your stress symptoms are chronic, you may need to take a higher grade supplement to support your body.


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